Rules & Regulations


DreamCatcher Horse Ranch Rescue Center, Inc. (DCHR), Rules & Regulations must be strictly followed for the safety of the animals and people involved! If you do not abide by these rules, you will be asked to terminate your volunteering experience or visit.
Sign-up sheets will be posted on the Information Board (located at the main barn) for upcoming events. Due to the volume of people who come through DCHR’s gates during the week, we all need to consider the privacy of the residence, the house, and the backyard.

  1. As a working barn you may get dirty … wear appropriate clothes and shoes (no sandals, flip-flops, etc.).
  2. Do not knock, peek your head in, shout through the door, etc., on the private residence door unless it is an emergency (e.g., horse colic, injured or bleeding animal).
  3. All DCHR volunteers will receive equal opportunity and treatment throughout recruitment, appointment, training, and service.
  4. Please arrive on time for the task signed up for. If you are unable to make the time, then DCHR needs at least 24-hour notice. IMPORTANT: If you signed up for feeding, please find your own replacements. DO NOT just leave a message stating you are not going to feed. You must speak to someone on staff or have a replacement.
  5. Phone: Please follow SOPs. Do not answer unless you have been approved to do so. NO long distance calls are allowed (unless an emergency). Only use phone numbers listed in the barn or office for emergencies. All other calls must go to: 407-702-8332.
  6. Volunteers under the age of 16 must be supervised by a parent/guardian at all times.
  7. Visits by friends or family of volunteers must be supervised by an Adult Volunteer or an Employee. Please make an appointment and ensure waivers are signed on arrival.
  8. NO one is allowed in the barn without supervision unless they have become an approved volunteer or visitor.
  9. There will be no reimbursement of funds for supplies purchased without prior approval from the Board.
  10. Although we greatly appreciate all efforts made by volunteers on behalf of DCHR, the Board must first approve all actions, correspondence, and solicitations.
  11. Volunteers and Visitors may only handle horses after they have been orientated and passed to an approved volunteer, and they may only handle horses that fall into their skill level unless supervised.
  12. DO NOT FEED any animal anything without direct approval as some animals may have special needs or dietary restrictions. Only Scheduled Feeders are authorized to feed. Please ask a volunteer or employee first.
  13. Turn OFF (!!!) the water by the hose and pump – it leaks otherwise..
  14. Medications or drugs may ONLY be administered with the approval of the Owner or Barn Manager.
  15. ANY and ALL veterinary/medical questions go directly and only through Alison or Loran Wheatley. DO NOT call the vet to inquire about DCHR animals. You are NOT authorized!
  16. Do NOT open any stall door, gate, latch, etc., without prior permission.
  17. Do NOT enter any stall or pasture where there is a horse without permission. Always close the gate immediately behind you.
  18. Do NOT handle any animal until you have been authorized.
  19. NO SMOKING in or around the barns, pastures, vehicles, or equipment. it is  a FIRE HAZARD!  There is a designated are, the main parking lot.
  20. Alcohol/drug use when volunteering at DCHR will NOT be tolerated.
  21. NO rough housing, screaming, loud noises, or profanity allowed.
  22. All equipment must be cleaned and put back in its proper place.
  23. Sweep the barn porch if necessary – neatness makes a big impression.
  24. No photography may be taken by a guest from their horse. Please allow a volunteer or employee to assist you in making all your photographs when you are engaged in your equine activity. It is for you and your horse’s safety.
  25. DCHR is not responsible for advice given by volunteers.
  26. Be respectful, kind, and considerate to others. Be courteous, patient, and open-minded. We do expect you to be willing to learn and enjoy yourself. DCHR is a teaching environment with something to offer the young, the old, the physically/mentally challenged, the animal lover, and the people who admire from afar.
  27. All visitors and volunteers must sign a waiver  agreement and release paperwork before riding any horses on or off DCHR property.
  28. all riders must wear a helmet when mounted – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please use common sense and think SAFETY first.

Contact us with Questions or for More Information