Today is a very sad day for DreamCatcher, we lost out very special friend Duke.  He was not only just a horse we rescued, he was the symbol of what DreamCatcher is all about.. Duke came to us three and a half years ago, skinny and neglected ready to be euthanized at animal control.  He had lost all of his back teeth due to the previous years of malnutrition.  Animal control even told us that he would be extremely difficult to rehab and hard to keep wight on him.  After we had him for about six months, he was looking and feeling like a normal horse again!  During his time at DreamCatcher duke taught many adults and children not only to ride but he gave them a confidence through his quiet and willing nature.  He loved kids and they all loved him, but sadly today he was not feeling well after breakfast.  He was weak and lethargic, so we got Dr. Jones out and unfortunately after examination she let us know that he was suffering from the equivalent of a heart attack of the intestines.  Basically the blood supply had cut off, and his body was shutting down and there was nothing we could do but take him out of his pain.  The vet told us that it can be a common occurrence in older horses.  DreamCatcher will never be the same without Duke but his spirit will always be here.  We pray that he is in the luscious green meadows of heaven and we will see you at the rainbow bridge.

Rest In Peace Duke WE LOVE YOU ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

We here at DreamCatcher would like to get a memorial headstone for Dukes grave so we can always remember this amazing horse. If you would like to donate towards this please go to the bottom of this page and press the donate button.  All of the proceeds will go to fund the headstone and “Dukes Story” a permanent tribute to Duke which will be used as an educational project the for the ranch to educate visitors on our mission of rescuing and rehabilitating horses in need.

Thank you

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