“I’m ready to sponsor a horse what now?”


What is A Sponsor?

Basically, a sponsor is a horse’s angel. A sponsor helps provide for the needs of a specific horse through directed monthly or one-time donation. This helps the horses because our general funds are almost always used up on hay, vaccines, farrier service, dewormer, emergency vet visits, and critical rehabilitation costs. There might not be enough left over to elevate the quality of care for another individual to what they would get if they were, say, an “only horse.” For example, while Levi was gaining weight from being really emaciated, he was able to benefit from nice nutritional hay bought by a sponsor. Sophie, found abandoned and picked up by animal control full of worms and eyes swollen as large as grapefruits, was able to get special supplements, blanket and other useful items because of her sponsor.

Sponsors benefit by knowing their dollar is supporting a horse of their choice, whether by providing something as simple and vital as food, or by making it possible for a hospice horse to live better and longer. Sponsorship is a great way of having your “own” horse if you can’t keep one where you live.

How does sponsorship work?


Horse rescue

Horse rescue Success

Sponsors send in a monthly amount or a one-time directed donation, with the horse’s name on the memo line of the check. That money is used for rehabilitation and upkeep of the specified horse. Sponsors may help from a distance, or schedule visits to Dreamcatcher and enjoy a hands-on relationship with “their” horse if they choose. Such interactions will require the sponsor to sign a volunteer waiver and learn about safety working around/with horses.

There is no set sponsorship fee requirement. Even small donations add up. Though making and keeping a commitment for several months or a year would help us with budgeting, sponsors may contribute any amount they wish and stop sponsoring the horse at any time.

The sponsor is notified when the horse is adopted out. The sponsorship ends then, or the sponsor may choose a different horse. Sponsors receive pictures and updates on the horse’s progress and doings.

Which horse should you sponsor?

Horse adoption

These special horses have important jobs, helping people emotionally and/or physically. Some of these horses are permanent residents, and others with “the gift” are functioning as Program Horses and will stay at DreamCatcher as a forever home. Sponsors are particularly appreciated for Program Horses, so that they can stay secure in the knowledge that their feed and upkeep needs are supported while they remain available to serve the community. Examples – FrankLittle Girl


Recently rescued horses are almost always in immediate need. There’s veterinary care, hoof care, nutritional needs, vaccinations, dewormer, and other necessities that come along later, such as care for illness or injury. Examples: LanceJadaHero


Some horses are long-term rehab projects, whether because of severe starvation and neglect, inherent health issues, or emotional/behavioral problems. Sometimes horses are unadoptable because they are terminal, and are being provided end-of-life care, which becomes expensive fast. Sponsors often help these types of horses to receive more specialized care than they might otherwise get, which could progress rehabilitation along faster, or enhance the horse’s quality of life. Examples: SophieDukeChampDeco

DreamCatcher provides the best care, and the fullest life, we possibly can to each and every horse. All of the our Rescue horses would benefit by sponsorships and directed donations while they complete rehabilitation or wait for their forever homes. We invite you to look over the website, and sponsor whichever horse tugs at your heartstrings!


I’m ready to sponsor a horse! How do I start?

  • Choose who you would like to sponsor (call Alison on 407 702 8332 for list of availability if not sure)
  • Fill out our Sponsor a Horse form
  • Make your tax deductible contribution out to: DreamCatcher Horse Rescue

How to pay
1) Mail the form and contribution to us at: 10627-10639 Toad Rd, Clermont FL 34715
2) Drop off at the Barn
3) Use the Donate now button on our website
4) Call us with your credit card info


“Your” horse will thank you!