How do you know a donation you make to a charity will be used for its intended purpose?

Every where you look a charity is asking you for help.  Of course we all want to help out those in need, whether humans or animal friends.  We all have our favorite charities and want to support the causes we believe in.   The million dollar questions is – ‘how do we know the money we donate is actually going directly to help the cause and not swallowed up by expenses such as employee wages or daily incidentals ?”

Here at DreamCatcher Horse Rescue we want to ensure you KNOW where your donation goes, and you can choose from the three options below to enjoy this peace of mind that you are helping our Equine friends in need.

We have set up accounts with our local feed supplier, horse supplies store, our local Veterinarian, and also our Farrier, for you to donate money directly to in order to help us.
You can also specify what a monetary donation is to be used for when you donate directly through our website or by sending a check in the mail. We will provide you with a receipt of the purchase for your records.
And of course, you can also buy something from our wish list and we can collect it from you or you can drop it off to us at your convenience.
Another way you can support us is by taking part in the many activities we offer for all ages and abilities at our Rescue facility. The activities include riding lessons, trail rides, birthday parties, pony rides, barn tours, summer camps, monthly kids clubs, weekly mommy & me story time and so much more! All proceeds from our programs go directly to the Horse Rescue.

By choosing one of the options above you can be sure your donation is going directly to the horse(s) of your choice to help them – and in no way is being used for daily operating expenses – even though these are important costs to of course.

If you believe in our cause and would like to help us make a difference to the horses life’s we save please contact us for more information on how to donate directly to the cause or how to become a sponsor of a horse in need.

Remember, Dreamcatcher Horse Rescue is also a Verified Global Federation Horse Sanctuary.  We not only Rescue and Rehabilitate horses, we also provide a forever home for a selection of older and impaired horses that otherwise may have been euthanized.  These horses need feed and specialized vet care for the rest of their lives.  So if you would like to contribute towards one of these horses ongoing care or sponsor one please let us know.

FRANK 9 yr old ex eventer blind in one eye – great schoolmaster despite the impairment
CHAMP 25 yr old arthritic from old leg injury- needs supplements –was found abandoned
DECO 17 yr old years of lameness issues needs special shoes and light work only
JACK 28 year old blind in one eye was to be euthanized at animal control
BANDIT 15 yr old pony missing an eye from cancer – has a brave heart
HERO – 11 yr old former racehorse and ex showhorse that had foundered when his owner had to be hospitalized. Was close to being euthenised as condition was so painful but we luckily found a treatment to fix him. Can now be ridden but needs specialized shoes and foot care for rest of his life.
CHIEF – 16 yr old pony with permanent conjunctivitis in his eyes. Needs a fly mask on permanently and also has to have treatment every few months by vet to keep tear ducts clean.

Our Wish list

Large plastic tubs

Water /feed buckets

Slow feed hay bags


Fly spray – lots of it!

No climb horse fence

Fence boards

White exterior paint

Paint rollers and trays

Bumper pull horse trailer – tall height

Manure spreader

Manure forks

Stall mats

Pine dust bedding

Seminole grain – wellness senior or perform safe

Seminole Ultrabloom fat supplement

Seminole Equalizer supplement

Coastal hay

T & A Hay

Bags of Alfalfa cubes

Bags of Bran

Joint supplements

Sand clear supplements

Shade trees for pastures and communal areas

Landscaping materials for communal walking areas

Contacts for direct donations

VET – Dr Jones, Tel: 352 241 0383


Farrier – Ricky Sredl

Tel : 352 636 0804

Feed Supplier – Irish Trails Feed and Farm Supply

Tel 352 243 0924

Please tell them it’s for DREAMCATCHER HORSE RESCUE Attention Alison or Loran

To make a direct donation, you can either mail directly to us at;
10639 Toad RD
Clermont Fl 34715

Or go to the bottom of this page and click the “Donate” button! The donation is made through paypal and you can specify what the money is to be used for.

All donations will be acknowledged by letter, fax or email, and a receipt will be given if requested.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support! Without people like you, we couldn’t continue our quest to help our wonderful Equine friends in need.